As a subsidiary of Aurora Flight Sciences, Aurora Swiss Aerospace can offer solutions to users across the spectrum of the market.  Aurora Swiss Aerospace can tailor approaches to customer needs, from outright system sales to short- and long-terms leases, to turnkey fee-for-service efforts. 

Use the links at left to learn more about Aurora’s current product line of Centaur and Orion UAS systems. 

Beyond these, Aurora has deep partnerships with other leading aerospace companies, and additionally can offer third-party systems where needed for fee-for-service efforts, to meet customer needs outside Aurora’s own portfolio of advanced UAS. 

Centaur OPA:  A flexible, optionally-piloted aircraft which can be operated manned, unmanned, or in hybrid mode with standby pilot onboard.  Based on the certified Diamond DA42 MPP aircraft.

See more information here:  Centaur Information


Orion MALE: An extreme long-endurance (4-5 days mission time) MALE UAS built to provide airborne ISR over long mission ranges and/or with extended persistant surveillance.  

See more information here:  Orion Information