In addition to providing equipment and support, Aurora Swiss Aerospace (ASA) can serve customers with extensive UAS operations services.  ASA offers operator training, operations support, or even full-service total operations packages.  Under fee-for-service (FFS) contracts, Aurora can provide complete operational capabilities to the customer on a “per hour” basis, providing everything, including:

1)   UAS aircraft and ground control station (GCS) hardware,

2)   air vehicle and/or sensor operators and support personnel,

3)   system maintenance and support,

4)   data output and PED in customer formats.

Aurora Swiss Aerospace operations personnel can remain separate but connected to customer operational units, or can be tightly integrated into customer operations teams.  ASA can support local operations or deployed operations worldwide.

For more information on operational capabilities from Aurora Swiss Aerospace, please contact us through our Contacts page.  See also our parent company:  Operations Information